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We design, implement and test software applications in according to your requirements and specifications.


We specialize in relational database management systems (Microsoft Access®, SQL®, FoxPro®), web-enabled applications (Microsoft Visual Basic®, Visual Studio InterDev®, FrontPage®).

If you have problem accessing your own legacy or ODBC-complaint data from Windows environment, we can create a "data-bridge" so you can access and/or exchange your data freely and most importantly, in real-time.


We offer consulting in the following areas:

  • Systems/Database design and integration​

  • Software requirements and specifications development

  • Software testing and validation

  • Project management

  • Internet/Intranet design and implementation

  • Microsoft technology deployment or migration

  • Local and Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) Design and Implementation


We provide instant "dial-up" support to your existing or JDSYS developed applications. 

With this type of support, our support team will connect to your system as soon as a support call is made and remotely fix or upgrade your applications.  For more information, please send an e-mail to

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